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Why choose Top Notch Insulating?

We Listen

It can sometimes be difficult to understand what a service professional is going to do, so we've made it a policy that we will explain exactly what we are doing and make it easy for you to understand.

We Communicate

Throughout the process of insulating your home or barn, we want you to be completely in control. Whether that means completing the job early so that you can host the party of a century, or we need to take special care of a certain area, we communicate to achieve the best results.

We Deliver Results

Check out the research to see exactly how you will save money by having Spray Foam Insulation installed, the benefits of Spray Foam over Fiberglass Insulation, and where the major sources of air leaks are in a typical home. All of this adds up to money saved!


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Quality Products, Great Prices

Amazing Service, Family​ Owned

Proudly Serving

West Michigan


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